Table Talk: bakery47 on punctuation and baking

Table Talk: bakery47 on punctuation and baking

Sam and Anna Luntley, owners of bakery47, talk about baking and the power of the lowercase letter

'our philosophy: the freedom of the lower case. we are bakery47, little b not big B. the little letter has always appealed to us and offered us something the big letters don’t.

when you name something with a big letter you give it a label; box it in with conventions, expectations, associations and norms. capital B Bakery has a sole purpose – the provision of baked goods – regular, daily and unchanging. big letters give words authority, they define a thing, offer comfort and security, knowability and control: it is a Bakery. where the little letter triumphs for us over the capital is that it offers the opposite – it gives us freedom, resists limitation, retains interest and creative possibility. it can break down boundaries, to be a fluid thing, and function organically and intuitively.

bakery47 is a bakery because we bake, baking is our medium and means to create and communicate rather than purely our function. we admire, are enthused by and are passionate about many Bakeries but bakery47 endeavours, empowered by our little b, to be something other.

we bake with pride and our product is our livelihood. however, our primary concern is with the creation of an experience: the bringing together of folk, the breaking of bread, the valuing of what the most basic of foods can offer and create – a communality, a shared pleasure, and entire experience that stems from flour, eggs, butter, sugar, salt and water but offers something more, empowered by that little letter.'