Best fish and seafood restaurants in Edinburgh and Glasgow

Best Fish and Seafood Restaurants in Glasgow and Edinburgh

The Finnieston

From fish and chips to lobster, these restaurants are our top picks for seafood lovers


For a city by the sea, Edinburgh has only a few restaurants specialising in fish and seafood, ranging from formal dining experiences offering extravagantly priced shellfish to simple mussel and chips places. Most source their seafood from Scotland, advertising the provenance of their produce and sometimes even name-checking individual fishermen. Fish fans are spoiled for choice in Glasgow. The city is, of course, blessed to be within a van's drive of Scotland's coastal fish markets, but there is much more in play than simple geography. It takes great skill and confidence to run a seafood restaurant; apart from the practicalities of keeping supplies fresh, the ideas have to be fresh too, and the delicate task of balancing flavours with the subtleties of seafood is a crucial consideration.

Best fish restaurants in Edinburgh

Fishers in Leith
1 The Shore, Leith, EH6 6QW
One of Leith's survivors, its longevity is based on a rock-solid reputation for showcasing Scottish fish. | read our review of Fishers in Leith

2 George IV Bridge, Old Town, EH1 1AD
Sophisticated modern restaurant serving some of the finest seafood in Edinburgh. | read our review of Ondine

Best fish restaurants in Glasgow

54 Calton Entry, East End, G40 2SB
Expect dishes showcasing seasonal ingredients and skills – charred asparagus, sea trout in a white wine cream, or sweet beetroot gravlax – garnished delicately with truffle oil, micro coriander or pansies. | read our review of A'Challtainn

The Finnieston
1125 Argyle Street, West End, G3 8ND
Fresh, seasonal and innovative cooking from one of the most exciting dining spots in trendy Finnieston. | read our review of The Finnieston

225a West George Street, City Centre, G2 2ND
Continuing to invent and reach the culinary heights even after two decades of serving the city. | read our review of Gamba

Two Fat Ladies at the Buttery
52 Argyle Street, Charing Cross, G3 8UF
Like a genteel country house escape in the city – and now handy for Finnieston bars or nearby entertainments. | read our review of Two Fat Ladies at the Buttery

Gandolfi Fish
84 Albion Street, Merchant City, G1 1NY
Down-to-earth yet upmarket Merchant City seafood spot from long-established Gandolfi stable, serving high-quality seafood dishes and fabulous wine. | read our review of Gandolfi Fish

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