Best Chinese restaurants in Glasgow

Best Chinese Restaurants in Glasgow

Lychee Oriental

Top spots in the city for classic and quirky Chinese dining


Chinese food in Glasgow may not be the on-trend cuisine, especially compared to other Far Eastern offerings, but the city has a number of quality operators. From long-standing fine-dining affairs to more canteen set-ups, the city can supply top-notch dining, for both the Western palate and those seeking a more authentic feast. For the best Glasgow has to offer, look no further than this duo:

Ho Wong
A special occasion type of family-run restaurant that delivers awe-inspiring Cantonese treats with high-quality ingredients.

Lychee Oriental
A powerhouse of innovative, wholesome, and flavour-rich Chinese fine dining, in a stylish and welcoming spot.

Lychee Oriental

59 Mitchell Street, Glasgow, G1 3LN

Recently refurbished city centre favourite, with flavourful, modern Chinese cooking