Best Chinese and Far Eastern Restaurants in Glasgow

Glasgow’s top Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian and Vietnamese restaurants

Best Chinese and Far Eastern Restaurants in Glasgow

Hanoi Bike Shop


Glasgow’s Chinese community is long established in the city and this is reflected in a range of restaurants whose quality surprises visitors and delights locals in equal measure. Whether classic Cantonese or spicy Szechuan, China’s traditional cuisine is all here. Expect colour, complexity and wonderfully harmonious flavour. Meanwhile, Glasgow’s Far East restaurants offer some of the most vibrant tastes in town. They’re also a haven for the growing band of diners who have specific dietary requirements. Barley-based Japanese beer, sake in all its forms, rice noodles, tofu every which way, fermented kimchi and brilliantly crisp and tasty vegetables all star, alongside spices and herbs such as ginger, turmeric and lemongrass.

Loon Fung
417–419 Sauchiehall Street, City Centre, G2 3LG
A classic Chinese dining experience in the heart of the city – no fusion, no fuss, no frills, just great Asian food. | read our review of Loon Fung

Lychee Oriental
59 Mitchell Street, City Centre, G1 3LN
Fusing contemporary dining with classic Chinese cooking adds up to a unique and stylish experience. | read our review of Lychee Oriental

Hanoi Bike Shop
8 Ruthven Lane, West End, G12 9BG
Fresh and vibrant flavours made by people who really understand and love the cuisine, served in a cool and quirky locale where you’ll want to linger. | read our review of Hanoi Bike Shop

Kimchi Cult
14 Chancellor Street, West End, G11 5RQ
This tiny restaurant off Byres Road brings a unique and seductive take on Korean flavours and dishes to the Glasgow street food scene. | read our review of Kimchi Cult

Nippon Kitchen
91 West George Street, City Centre, G2 1PB
Like sister restaurant Nanakusa, Nippon serves convincing Japanese standards with care and flare, in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. | read our review of Nippon Kitchen

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