Best Chinese and Far Eastern Restaurants in Edinburgh

The top spots in the city for roast duck, sushi, bibimbap, nasi goreng and more

Best Chinese and Far Eastern Restaurants in Edinburgh



At first glance many of Edinburgh’s Chinese restaurants are only vaguely distinguishable from one another; the same menu, the same wallpaper, the same prawn crackers. But some restaurants do stand out, whether they’re doing the classics better than most others or because they’ve thrown out the rule book and refused to dull down their food to placate Western palates. Whether you are an intrepid eater seeking the authentic, or more nostalgically craving the familiar, Edinburgh’s Chinese scene has it all. You might just need to scratch the surface first.

Best Chinese Restaurants in Edinburgh

Imperial Palace
36 Inglis Green Road, West End, EH14 2ER
A real insiders tip, the Imperial Palace deserves its reputation as one of the best Chinese restaurants in town. | read our review of Imperial Palace

Karen's Unicorn
8b Abercromby Place, New Town, EH3 6LB
Elegant New Town eatery honours its Chinese culinary roots while striving for quality modern cuisine. | read our review of Karen's Unicorn

Stack Dim Sum Bar
42 Dalmeny Street, Leith, EH6 8RG
Arguably the best dim sum joint in Edinburgh.
read our review of Stack Dim Sum Bar

Best Far Eastern Restaurants in Edinburgh

Recent years have seen Edinburgh’s once paltry Far Eastern dining scene blossom. Where a decade ago there was a mere gaggle of Japanese restaurants scattered across town, now Malaysian, Korean and Vietnamese food shine. That means there are new and difficult decisions to be made: ramen or pho? Ssam or nasi lemak? High-end or home-spun? Tough choices, made tougher by pretty good standards across the board – after all, where there are four different places to get a decent bibimbap, you know there's a lively scene going on. It’s exciting times for Asian dining in Edinburgh (unless you’re terminally indecisive).

Kanpai (Japanese)
8–10 Grindlay Street, West End, EH3 9AS
The swan of Edinburgh's Japanese scene; elegant, composed and beautiful, with a lot going on beneath the surface. | read our review of Kanpai

Saiko Kitchen (Vietnamese)
15 Roseneath Street, Southside, EH9 1JH
Bright, breezy, funky joint serving wholesome and vibrantly flavoured pan-Asian street foods at reasonable prices. | read our review of Saiko Kitchen

Sushiya (Japanese)
19 Dalry Road, West End, EH11 2BQ
Sleek and stylish little Japanese restaurant catering for sashimi lovers as well as rice and noodle aficionados. | read our review of Sushiya

Vietnam House Restaurant (Vietnamese)
1-3 Grove Street, West End, EH3 8AF
Welcoming restaurant providing simple but seriously tasty Vietnamese food. | read our review of Vietnam House Restaurant

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