Best Chinese and Far Eastern restaurants in Edinburgh

Best Chinese and Far Eastern Restaurants in Edinburgh


Top spots in the city for roast duck, sushi, bibimbap, nasi goreng and more


The common misconception that the capital's Chinese restaurants are all cut from the same cloth lingers. But dig a little deeper and you'll find Chinese cuisine to challenge your palate as well as your preconceptions. Edinburgh boasts top-notch dim sum, as well as a plethora of Chinese dishes just awaiting discovery. That said, when 'traditional' is what you crave (and why not?) you'll find that too. Whatever you seek, scratching the surface and ditching that battered chicken for something less familiar will pay dividends.

Best Chinese Restaurant in Edinburgh

Stack Dim Sum Bar
42 Dalmeny Street, Leith, EH6 8RG
Arguably the best dim sum joint in Edinburgh, Stack is an unassuming wee place that is well worth a detour.
read our review of Stack Dim Sum Bar

Best Far East Restaurants in Edinburgh

South-East Asia is a big place and 'Asian food' is becoming an ever-vaguer and increasingly redundant phrase, as more and more of us discover the varied and contrasting cuisines of the region. In the capital, it's all right on your doorstep – Vietnamese pho; Malaysian laksa; Korean barbecue; noodles, rice and all things nice; and more sushi than you can shake a chopstick at. And let's not forget the on-trend pan-Asian eateries for those who want all of the above in one place. Go explore.

Kanpai (Japanese)
8–10 Grindlay Street, West End, EH3 9AS
The swan of Edinburgh's Japanese scene; elegant, composed and beautiful, with a lot going on beneath the surface. | read our review of Kanpai

Kenji (Japanese)
42 St Stephen Street, Stockbridge, EH3 5AL
A traditional Japanese eatery from an experienced team with meticulous attention to detail. | read our review of Kenji

Maki Maki (Japanese)
75 Nicolson Street, Old Town, EH8 9BZ
Diminutive spot on Nicolson Street serving traditional Japanese favourites alongside inventive 12-course tasting menu. | read our review of Maki Maki

Vietnam House Restaurant (Vietnamese)
1-3 Grove Street, West End, EH3 8AF
Welcoming restaurant providing simple but seriously tasty Vietnamese food. | read our review of Vietnam House Restaurant

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