Best French Restaurants in Glasgow and Edinburgh

From superb provincial cookery to Michelin-starred greatness

Best French Restaurants in Glasgow and Edinburgh

L'Escargot Blanc Restaurant & Wine Bar


Edinburgh and Glasgow’s long history of excellent French restaurants is well documented. There are homely bistros to be found in tucked into Edinburgh’s nooks and closes, while at the other end of the spectrum a handful of Michelin-starred thoroughbreds exhibit a distinct French influence. The cuisine in both cities can be at once familiar and exciting: from a comforting bowl of fish soup with all the trimmings, to indulgent confit duck and robust cassoulet – not to mention an unreconstructed tarte tatin or crème brûlée – it’s all to be found on French menus around the cities. We’ll help you navigate straight to the places that serve the best.

Glasgow's best French restaurants

Brian Maule at Chardon d'Or
176 West Regent Street, City Centre, G2 4RL
Upmarket fine-dining restaurant with Chef Maule and his team serving classic French food in suitably formal environs. | read our review of Brian Maule at Chardon d'Or

Edinburgh's best French restaurants

Bistro Provence
88 Commercial Street, Leith, EH6 6LX
A little piece of Leith that is forever Provence, this small but ambitious bistro brings some Gallic sunshine to Commercial Quay. | read our review of Bistro Provence

L'Escargot Blanc Restaurant & Wine Bar
17 Queensferry Street, West End, EH2 4QW
A West End favourite that celebrates the Auld Alliance with Scottish produce shining in French bistro classics. | read our review of L'Escargot Blanc

The Pompadour by Galvin Caledonian Hotel
Princes Street, West End, EH1 2AB
Surprisingly modest in size, this delicately appointed restaurant offers modern French fine dining with spectacular views of the castle and Edinburgh skyline. | read our review of The Pompadour

Restaurant Martin Wishart
54 The Shore, Leith, EH6 6RA
Now entering its 17th year, Restaurant Martin Wishart is an institution on the Edinburgh fine dining scene. | read our review of Restaurant Martin Wishart

3 Royal Terrace, New Town, EH7 5AB
Michelin-starred restaurant with rooms, where chef Paul Kitching's unique creativity shines through in every bonkers dish. | read our review of 21212

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