Best sandwich shops in Glasgow

Best for Sandwiches on the go in Glasgow


Some of Glasgow's finest take-away sandwich shops


Attempting to diet at lunchtime in Glasgow is not an easy challenge. Leftovers from the night before just don't seem to cut the mustard when you have a sandwich shop on nearly every street corner. Think meaty subs, epic toasties and locally sourced fillings from these trusty sandwichmongers.

Taken from the 2016/17 The List Eating & Drinking Guide – £5.95 (plus p&p)

Devils Deli
5 Hyndland Street, West End, G11 5QE
Compact and laid-back takeaway specialist in the West End, delivering some excellent sandwiches.
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The Great Western Sandwich Co.
657 Great Western Road, West End, G12 8RE
A café and takeaway that elevates the humble sandwich, with an emphasis on fresh local produce.
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1056 Argyle Street, West End, G3 8LY
200 Albion Street, Merchant City, G1 1RU
100 Miller Street, Merchant City, G1 1DT

These gourmet sandwichmongers do classy pieces made with love, care and know-how, from their three outlets. | read our reviews of Piece (Argyle Street), Piece @ Inovo (Albion Street) and Piece (Miller Street)

1299 Argyle Street, West End, G3 8TL
Small purveyor of hearty roasts and sandwiches from a café-takeaway close to Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum. | read our review of Roast

Smile Café
102 Queen Margaret Drive, West End, G20 8NZ
121 Douglas Street, City Centre, G2 4HF
Authentic Italian savouries and cakes from the teeny original close to the Botanics or the recent city centre café.
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Where the Monkey Sleeps
182 West Regent Street, City Centre, G2 4RU
340 Argyle Street, City Centre, G2 8LY

Mighty meaty sandwiches available from the original rocking basement or the bigger, airier second branch. | read our reviews of Where the Monkey Sleeps (West Regent Street) and Where the Monkey Sleeps (Argyle Street)

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