Best Dog-friendly Pubs and Cafes in Glasgow

Best Dog-friendly Pubs and Cafes in Glasgow

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Where to get drinks and tasty treats for you and your canine companion


More and more restaurants are warming to the idea of allowing dogs in to sit by their buddies whilst they eat, but some will still turn you and your beloved pet away. We’ve picked out the best dog friendly places in Glasgow so that you can eat in peace and not feel guilty about your pup being tied up outside.

Taken from the 2016/17 The List Eating & Drinking Guide – £5.95 (plus p&p)

Artisan Roast
15–17 Gibson Street, G12 8NU
The cool serenity of Artisan Roast makes it an ideal spot to hide away from the world with your pooch and a cup of coffee. | read our full review

1321 Argyle Street, G3 8TL
A neighbourhood institution close to Kelvingrove Museum with great pizza and a welcoming vibe for all. | read our full review

Inn Deep
445 Great Western Road, G12 8HH
Dog-friendly riverside bar with over 70 bottled beers, a menu of BBQ food and pub classics and a spacious beer garden. | read our full review

The Strathmore
795 Maryhill Road, West End, G20 7TL
Occupying an unlikely spot beside the fire station on Maryhill Road, this attractively refurbed pub is the sort of local every dog owner wants. | read our review of The Strathmore

Stravaigin Café Bar
28 Gibson Street, G12 8NX
Full of boho charm, great food and beer, Stravaigin is a welcome haven for wandering dog walkers. | read our full review

Tchai-Ovna House of Tea
42 Otago Lane, West End, G12 8PB
A transcendent celebration of Slovak tea house culture tucked away in Glasgow’s West End. | read our review of Tchai-Ovna House of Tea

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Eating & Drinking Guide 2016/17

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