Best pizza in Glasgow

Best pizza in Glasgow

Pizza East

Glasgow Friends, here's where to load up on carbs


Pizza will always be our friend. Whether you need nothing more than a margherita or are all about loading up the base with all the toppings, Glasgow has a number of Italian restaurants and cafés to serve all of your pizza needs.

Socially conscious Partick pizza bar mixing Italian ingredients with local produce for enticing pizzas, accompanied by top tunes.

Eusebi Deli
Bringing a half-century of experience to their West End venue, Eusebi Deli do wide-ranging Italian food and great 'pinsa'.

Part of the Tony Macaroni group, specialising in Neapolitan pizza, with sharing beer from 32 Via dei Birrai, the first Italian microbrewery.

Paesano Pizza
Delicious and authentic, Paesano's two branches produce incredibly affordable Neapolitan artisan pizzas.

Pizza East
Newcomer pizza specialist bringing good-value, authentic Neapolitan pizza to the East End.

Pizza Punks
Innovative and upbeat pizza place with great tunes and good beers – a good one-stop-shop for a night out.

Eating & Drinking Guide 2018/19

Eating & Drinking Guide 2018/19

25th Edition published April 2018. Widely recognised as the most reliable, comprehensive and authoritative guide to eating out in more than 950+ restaurants, bistros, cafes and bars in Glasgow and Edinburgh.
A Basta
561 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow, G11 6HU
Socially conscious Partick pizza bar mixing quality Italian ingredients with local produce for their range of tempting toppings, accompanied by top tunes.
B Paesano Pizza GWR
471 Great Western Road, Glasgow, G12 8HL
Second branch for the popular pizza specialists, brings their artisan Neapolitan experience to West Enders.
C Eusebi Deli
152 Park Road, Glasgow, G4 9HB
Bringing a half-century of experience to their West End venue, Eusebi Deli is simply one of the best places to eat in the city.
D Mozza
39 Renfield Street, Glasgow, G2 1JS
From the Tony Macaroni group, this Neapolitan pizza specialist provides artisan beers, cocktails and an excellent daytime deal
E Pizza Punks
90 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, G2 5UB
Colourful pizza place that'll please meat-eaters and vegans alike, with toppings that are traditional, a little out there, and completely bizarre.
F Paesano Pizza
94 Miller Street, Glasgow, G1 1DT
Delicious and authentic, the flagship Paesano dishes out incredibly affordable artisan pizzas fresh from its wood-fired ovens