Best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Edinburgh

Best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Edinburgh


Restaurants that cater to meat-free and dairy-free diets


If you're sick of seeing salads as the only veggie option on the menu, here's a list of places that serve entirely vegan and vegetarian cuisine or offer good options as part of a wider menu.

Vegetarian Restaurants

Feel the joy of being spoilt for choice in this restaurant which focuses on food from South India, Gujarat and the Punjab.

BABA isn't a vegetarian restaurant but its superbly spiced, lavish Lavantine dishes elevate veggies right to the top of the menu choices.

Castle Terrace

The vegetarian menus here are precise, well-executed and creative – veggies will definitely not feel short changed.

David Bann
Wholesome and hearty vegetarian food in a modern, convivial space that's become a bit of an Edinburgh institution.

The Pakora Bar
Small, quirky Indian street food bar serving vegan and veggie Punjabi food until the early hours.

Ransacked Black Oven
There are some interesting veggie choices on this Persian-inspired menu, but no-one will blame you for plumping for their gorgeous halloumi kebab every time.

Vegan Restaurants

The Auld Hoose
For days when getting your five-a-day isn't a priority there are lots of casual options, including chips and vegan cheese, at this laid-back bar.

Holy Cow
This fab vegan café is building a buzz about its take on the burger – definitely expect to be surprised by their innovative combinations.

Taking vegan cuisine in Edinburgh to the next level, Harmonium is creative, accomplished and relaxed.

Paradise Palms
This laid-back, lively bar isn't 100% vegan but does offer a plethora of interesting vegan options.

Pumpkin Brown
Former market stall in the Grassmarket, dishing up raw and vegan food, coffee and cakes.

Seeds for the Soul
Seeds for the Soul is 100% with a menu based around smoothies, pancakes, wraps and spectacular home baking.

Eating & Drinking Guide 2018/19

Eating & Drinking Guide 2018/19

25th Edition published April 2018. Widely recognised as the most reliable, comprehensive and authoritative guide to eating out in more than 950+ restaurants, bistros, cafes and bars in Glasgow and Edinburgh.
A Seeds for the Soul
167 Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh, EH10 4DG
A bright and friendly 100% vegan café on the main Bruntsfield strip, serving kombucha tea, healthy smoothies, pancakes and wraps
B Baba
130 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4JZ
Superbly spiced, lavish Lavantine foods served with elegant cocktails in stylish, versatile surroundings – also with express lunches.
C The Pakora Bar
96 Hanover Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1DR
Small, quirky Indian street food bar serving vegan and veggie Punjabi food until the early hours.
D Pumpkin Brown
16 Grassmarket, Edinburgh, EH1 2HS
Former market stall venture now with a permanent shop in the Grassmarket, dishing up raw, vegan food, coffee and cakes, while catering to other dietary needs.
E Holy Cow
34 Elder Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3DX
Vegan café building a buzz about its take on the burger.
F Paradise Palms
41 Lothian Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1HB
American-inspired vegetarian and vegan venue, with an eclectic, good-time cocktail lounge vibe that welcomes all.
G Ransacked Black Oven
27–29 Marshall Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9BJ
Eclectic Persian street food-inspired restaurant which aims to cater for everyone.
H David Bann
56–58 St Mary's Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1SX
A reliable choice for veggies in Edinburgh since 2002, David Bann still shows the competition how it's done.
I The Auld Hoose
23–25 St Leonards Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9QN
Traditional beer-focused pub with legendary hardcore/metal/punk jukebox and equally legendary nachos.
J Annakut Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant
13 Newington Road, Edinburgh, EH9 1QR
Super vegetarian and vegan Indian food that will have carnivores wondering if they have been missing a trick.
K Harmonium
60 Henderson Street, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 6DE
Ground-breaking vegan bar and restaurant from the team behind Glasgow's cult bars Mono and Stereo.