Best coffee in Edinburgh

Best Coffee in Edinburgh

Fortitude Coffee

Starbucks and Costa won't feature on this list, guys – Edinburgh's independent coffee shops are far too inviting


The coffee revolution in Edinburgh has begun, and it's come out all guns blazing. With a boom of independent coffee shops making use of the city's abandoned nooks and crannies, there are plenty of blends and roasts to give you your caffeine kick; straight up in an espresso, long in an Americano or with frothy milk in a cappuccino, latte or flat white, just don't try them all at once.


Cairngorm's espresso is prepared from frozen shots – the ideal pit-stops in Frederick Street and Melville Place for coffee lovers to escape and refuel.

Filament Coffee
Roasting their own single-origin beans in two branches to prepare carefully brewed coffees. Expect complex flavours in your cup, whether you choose espresso or filter.

Fortitude Coffee
Seasonal and lightly roasted coffee is finely crafted to convey the delicate and complex flavours in every cup in this York Place café.

Machina Espresso
Their Brougham place branch in particular is a haven for serious coffee drinkers and gearheads; coffee with substance as well as style, served with a smile.

Roundsquare Roastery Coffee House
This Morningside coffee house and award-winning coffee roastery takes care over the whole coffee making process from crop to cup.

Williams and Johnson Coffee Co
This independent café and roastery in Leith's Custom Lane specialises in seasonal single origin coffees, supplying independents in Edinburgh and beyond.

Eating & Drinking Guide 2018/19

Eating & Drinking Guide 2018/19

25th Edition published April 2018. Widely recognised as the most reliable, comprehensive and authoritative guide to eating out in more than 950+ restaurants, bistros, cafes and bars in Glasgow and Edinburgh.
A Cairngorm Coffee Co
1 Melville Place, Edinburgh, EH3 7PR
Cairngorm’s highly distinctive second shop provides Edinburgh’s West End with high-end coffee alongside a selection of tasty food offerings.
B Roundsquare Roastery Coffee House
132 Morningside Road, Edinburgh, EH10 4AY
A roastery amongst coffee shops in busy Morningside.
C Machina Espresso
2 Brougham Place, Edinburgh, EH3 9HW
Tollcross haven for serious coffee drinkers and gearheads who like their wares served with a smile.
D Cairngorm Coffee Co
41a Frederick Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1EP
Independent coffee shop with passionate staff and inventive toastie combinations.
E Fortitude Coffee
3C York Place, Edinburgh, EH1 3EB
Compact, welcoming space run by knowledgeable owners. Coffee dominates but tea and food also find a place.
F Williams and Johnson Coffee Co
67 Commercial Street, Customs Wharf, Edinburgh, EH6 6PL
Situated in Leith’s creative and collaborative Custom Lane, this independent roastery and café specialises in seasonal single origin coffees.