Ayrshire cured bacon

Ayrshire cured bacon

The distinctive cure of Ayrshire bacon makes it a chef’s favourite

When it comes to a traditional Scottish breakfast, there’s one product that stands out from the crowd – Ayrshire cured bacon. Interestingly, it’s not the pork that’s famous but the traditional Ayrshire cure.

Traditionally, Ayrshire bacon is produced from Great White premium grade Scottish pigs and unlike other bacons, the skin and bones are removed before curing. It's the only distinctive bacon cure in Scotland and curers are quick to defend their traditional curing methods against any impostors.

The curing method, which begins with immersing the pork in brine, removes any trace of water, producing a rich and flavoursome bacon that fries perfectly with no milky or watery residue. The cured bacon is rolled and is quite distinctive with the fattier streaky rolled around the leaner back bacon. Not surprisingly, it's the bacon of choice for butchers and chefs throughout Scotland with many chefs' favouring the Ayrshire cured streaky over Italian pancetta.

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