Chef's Choice: Mark Davidson on Nethergate Larder

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  • 17 March 2015
Chef's Choice: Mark Davidson on Nethergate Larder

Mark Davidson of Aye Love Real Food swears by Nethergate Larder’s ethically reared pork, and uses it in his handmade Scotch eggs

‘Ayrshire is famous for the quality of the bacon and pork that it produces and in our opinion nobody does this better than Nethergate Larder.

They breed and rear free range Tamworth pigs on their farm just outside Dunlop where all the animals are free to roam and live in their natural family groups. The Tamworth is a rare, traditional breed that is slow to rear and this helps give it an amazing flavour. They also do all of their own butchery onsite which gives them total control of the product at all stages and means they can tailor what they provide to meet your business’s needs.

We’ve used Nethergate Larder from day one in our business as they tick all of our boxes. Ethically reared meat, excellent butchery, local and consistently top quality product. We genuinely believe that you will not find better pork in Scotland.’

Mark Davidson is owner of Aye Love Real Food and maker of handmade Scotch eggs.

Nethergate Larder

Nethergate Farm, Dunlop, East Ayrshire, KA3 4BU

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