Chef's Choice: Jacques Troquet on Scottish lobster and brown crab

  • The List
  • 17 March 2015
Chef's Choice: Jacques Troquet on Scottish lobster and brown crab

Jacques Troquet, head chef at Jacques' Table sources his seafood from Ayr fish market, and his favourite fisherman in Ardrossan

‘Here in Ayrshire, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to sourcing from the area’s top quality food producers. It means I can source the freshest seasonal ingredients the area has to offer; meat, fish, poultry and seafood, are all readily available.

Seasonality is key to my cooking at Jacques Table and that presents its own challenges as our menus change twice a month. Good local suppliers are a must to ensure we serve the best food to our customers.

Seafood is a favourite of mine and regularly features on our menu. Being surrounded by a beautiful coastline means we have a bountiful supply of top quality seafood. I particularly like cooking with shellfish; and the local lobsters and brown crabs I can source from Ardrossan fisherman Tom Bryson are special. The taste and quality is outstanding and having a good relationship with Tom means I’m buying the best available, straight from the sea. It’s the same with the fish, my local fish market, Pieroni’s in Ayr supplies the the best available. It's a great gift to have such quality on our doorstep.’

Jacques Troquet is head chef at Jacques' Table, Sinclairston.