Chef's Choice: Garry Noble on Glenkiln Spring lamb

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  • 17 March 2015
Chef's Choice: Garry Noble on Glenkiln Spring lamb

Garry Noble, head chef at Arran's Drift Inn loves adding locally reared Glenkiln spring lamb to the menu

'We try very hard here to produce food that's of the highest standard and to do that it's essential to have fantastic ingredients. I've tasted lamb from across Scotland and I have to say that I've never had better than Kenny Bone's Blackface spring lamb from Glenkiln Farm.

It's produced right here in Lamlash, where it's also hung and then we actually butcher it ourselves on the premises. It couldn't get any fresher and it's great to be involved from so early on the process right through to when it hits the plate.

Blackface lambs are well-known for their rich flavour and are also well-suited to life on the hills so Arran's geography brings out the best in them. I think it's also a combination of the air and the fact that the lambs roam wide, where they're feeding on the greenest grass high up the island's hills, that enhances this breed's natural flavour.

We have it on the menu whenever it is available: either as a confit shoulder, a rack or best end cut. The end result is always a wonderful dish and it really showcases the wonderful effect the Arran landscape has on the natural produce.'

Garry Noble is head chef at the Drift Inn, Lamlash. [Note: The Drift Inn is no longer in business.]