Taste Test - Takeaway lattes

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  • 28 February 2008
Takeaway lattes

Beanscene small latte, £2.05 (•••)
Woodlands Road, Glasgow, 0141 352 9800;
99 Nicholson Street, 0131 667 5697 plus other branches across Scotland,

Lacking any defining taste, this feels more like a watered down milkshake than your morning saving grace. Oddly sweet taste too.
Top tip Go for an espresso or cappuccino and get the caffeine hit you crave.

Black Medicine Coffee Co. regular latte, £1.60 (•••••)
2 Drummond Street, Edinburgh, 0131 662 7209,

The cheapest, and most popular of our lattes, the only problem with Black Medicine is the small cup sizes. But the smoky Illy coffee and perfect amount of milk make up for any shortfalls.
Top tip With coffee this good, why not celebrate: buy that full-fat blueberry muffin and rejoice.

Starbucks tall latte, £2.05 (••)
Branches across Scotland,

For a company that views itself as being at the forefront of the coffee industry, this latte was more let-me-down than pick-me-up. Despite their reputation for seriously dark roasted coffee this tastes weak. It feels like there’s about as much caffeine in this as a glass of water.
Top tip Ask for an extra shot . . . or three.

O’Brien’s regular latte, £2.25 (••)
Branches across Scotland,

This is a very decent-sized cup of coffee, though it is at the pricier end of the scale. And a weak coffee blend gives it a real lack of flavour or kick. Proof that quantity is rarely matched by quality.
Top tip Get the large size, tip the contents out and use the cup to carry your shopping home in.

Tinderbox regular latte, £1.90 (•••••)
14 Ingram Street, Merchant City,
Glasgow, 0141 552 6907

Tinderbox’s blend of Ethiopian, Indian, Sumatran and Bolivian beans makes for a delightfully aromatic, and great tasting cup of coffee. Surprisingly filling, and with a distinct, strong taste, this takes the pain out of an early morning.
Top tip Stock up on willpower – you’ll need it if you are to successfully ignore the cries of the carrot cake, cupcakes and chocolate brownies.

Scotrail white coffee £1.60 (•)
From trolleys on Scotrail trains Scotland-wide

You want a latte? Yes. What’s a latte? With the future of this conversation rapidly descending into farce, I hastily accepted a regular coffee, with half a dozen mini milk cartons on the side. Needless to say, I ended up with a cold, rather disgusting white coffee.
Top tip Forget your skinny, extra hot latte pretensions.

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