Taste Test - Hot breakfast sarnies

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  • 14 February 2008
Hot breakfast sarnies

Sausage & egg sandwich, £4
Always Sunday, 170 High Street, Edinburgh, 0131 622 0667

While Always Sunday’s statuesque, custom-made breakfast sandwich is evidently quality produce, the £4 price tag, and impracticality when it comes to trying to keep it from falling apart, is a let down. That said, it is a great way to start the day.
Top tip Be sure to ask the server to cut it in half for you before leaving the café. •••

Sausage & egg McMuffin, £1.59
McDonalds, branches across Scotland, www.mcdonalds.co.uk

The sausage was surprisingly peppery and flavoursome, but overall this breakfast option will leave you with a greasy, salty, taste in your mouth. For someone on the go this is handy but it won’t satisfy your hunger for long.
Top tip Forgo this in favour of the chain’s new range of breakfast treats or the sausage and pancake pig-out. ••

Bacon sandwich, £3.50
Berits & Brown, 62 Wilson Street, Glasgow, 0141 552 6980

The staff are friendly and the locally reared, free range bacon is crisp and plentiful, if a little salty, but with no sauce or butter coming automatically, the sandwich was on the dry side. So, while still enjoyable, you should expect more for this kind of price.
Top tip Ask for butter and any other condiments you want before the sandwich gets made. •••

Breakfast Works, £2.99
Bagel Factory, Glasgow Central and Edinburgh Waverley Stations, 0141 221 7116 & 0131 552 2726

Filled with bacon, egg, mushroom, tomato and sausage, these handy bagels won’t leave you feeling too lardy or light of pocket, and easy to eat on the move. It’s hard to distinguish flavours but this is a minor flaw.
Top tip Try to resist the hot salt beef bagel options first off: that’s for lunch. ••••

Bacon & egg panini, £2.85
Starbucks, branches across Scotland, www.starbucks.co.uk

Filled with your typical breakfast fare – eggs, bacon, mushroom, ketchup – the various flavours here all hold their own. The panini itself is crisp on the outside if a little heavy for very early commuters, but it’s an enjoyable eat and very easy to manage.
Top tip The weirdos among you might want to try the Marmite and cheese variation. •••

Bacon & egg roll, £2
Toddle Inn, 7 Cockburn Street, Edinburgh, 0131 225 1021

The traditional option may seem a little unglamorous but this is a proper solid, stodgy start to the day. It is also both reasonably priced and substantially filling, as well as being very easy to eat on the move. Proof that there’s rarely a need to meddle with a winning formula.
Top tip Beware of the runny egg yoke! ••••

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