The Kitchen at Glasgow Green's Live Zone to showcase best of Scottish cuisine during the 2014 Commonwealth Games

The Kitchen

Vendors including world famous Loch Fyne seafood, Churchill's vension, Home Ground Coffee and Genius Gluten Free

Banish all thoughts of big event catering where prices are high, food quality is low and waste is mountainous. Glasgow 2014 is dedicated to showcasing the breadth and depth of quality produce from Scotland’s larder with a focus on sustainable and ethical practice with the aim of a lasting legacy for the nation’s well-being.

As part of Glasgow 2014’s obligations for a Games with responsible environmental and sustainability standards, a strict Commonwealth Food Charter has been drawn up to ensure that the food on offer during the Games is sourced in Scotland from sustainable and traceable sources wherever possible.

Other commitments include the use of Fairtrade products when available. Genetically modified is out, and a ‘low to zero waste to landfill’ focus means compostable containers and a dedicated food waste treatment facility.

The Charter and related sourcing code cover every minute aspect, from insisting that all meat comes from animals born, reared and slaughtered in Scotland and that the ingredients in breads can be traced back to source, to the aesthetic appeal of the mobile units dishing out the delights.

Of course, the proof is in the pudding, or, more likely at the Games, in the gourmet hand-shaped Aberdeen Angus burger in homemade brioche bun. The Kitchen, at Glasgow Green Live Zone, will be focusing on fresh, seasonal and affordable healthy eating and, given Scotland and Glasgow’s burgeoning food scene with all manner of artisans creating top-quality, ethically minded produce, there will be plenty of good eating and drinking to be had.

Expect caterers who have made it through the gruelling grilling to be offering some of the most righteous and tastiest food any major event has ever witnessed. Confirmed vendors include nearby cooperative Food from Argyll, featuring the world-famous Loch Fyne seafood (pictured), Churchill’s venison and expert brews from Home Ground Coffee, plus Genius Gluten Free will be officially providing gluten-free bakes.

Glasgow Green Live Zone, 23 July–3 Aug.