Chef Tim Dover on foraging for local funghi

  • The Larder
  • 15 November 2013
Chef Tim Dover on foraging for local funghi

Chef's choice - The Perthshire Larder

There is something about hunting for ingredients that appeals to almost everyone I know that has tried it. I spend more hours than I like to count at the stove and on the phone to suppliers. This erodes the hours I can spend with my family but foraging is a great way to spend time with my wife and kids.

We often find orange birch boletus which have a very similar flavour to cepes although they are not nearly as pretty. I use them in the restaurant to match the local game such as partridge, mallard or grouse.

I absolutely love chanterelles and they will appear on my menus from the very start of the season to the end. My six-year-old daughter Connie is the perfect height to see these little orange mushrooms peaking up through the bracken. She is my chief forager.

Tim Dover is the owner/chef at The Roost, Bridge of Earn.