Perthshire Chef Graeme Pallister on his forager

  • The Larder
  • 15 November 2013
Perthshire Chef Graeme Pallister on his forager

Chef's choice - The Perthshire Larder

Spare time to a chef is somewhat limited, and when I’m outdoors, I’m usually on a run with no time to rummage for woodland treasures. That’s where Ron, my forager, comes in.

He is very unassuming; think aged-rocker meets Bear Grylls. But his passion for wild food is unequalled. Ron chaps the kitchen window every so often with unexpected treats sitting in a wooden basket. Wild leeks and garlic, horseradish, orange birch, girolles, monkey puzzle nuts, brambles, sorrel – to name but a few. No two deliveries from Ron are the same, and I love that!

We understand each other’s work. I know my ingredients are fresh and Ron knows his harvest is being cooked with care. People like Ron are the reason I’m still a chef, learning every day, 20 years on.

Graeme Pallister is the owner/chef of 63 Tay Street, Perth