Chef John Quigley On Thorntonhall Ice Cream

  • The Larder
  • 9 September 2013
Chef John Quigley On Thorntonhall Ice Cream

Chef's choice - The Lanarkshire Larder

Started in 2003 in Meikle Dripps Farm near Thorntonhall in South Lanarkshire by John and Micki Henderson, their plan was simple but brilliant: convert an existing barn for ice-cream production and make the best product available.

They achieve this by combining the freshest milk from the morning’s milking with top-quality, local free-range eggs, sugar and natural flavourings – and nothing else, no emulsifiers, colourings or stabilisers.

The finished product doesn’t have air whipped in so it is luxurious and heavy with cream – a slice of our hot chocolate-chip brownie with a ball of their honeycomb ice-cream produces spectacular results, and it helps make a strawberry sundae the perfect summer pudding.

John Quigley lives in South Lanarkshire and is chef patron at Red Onion in Glasgow