Chef Linsey Scott on Lanark Blue cheese

  • The Larder
  • 9 September 2013
Chef Linsey Scott on Lanark Blue cheese

credit: Stephen Robinson

Chef's choice - The Lanarkshire Larder

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure we get quality seasonal produce to use in our kitchen. It’s great to have this on our doorstep, and allows junior chefs to understand the quality of the product itself.

We use Lanark Blue regularly in the restaurant in different dishes. Twice-baked Lanark Blue soufflé with wilted spinach and leeks, walnut crumble and cheese melt beignet is one of our very popular vegetarian dishes in the restaurant, while we also use it in soups such as broccoli and Lanark Blue, white onion, cider and Lanark Blue crostini.

On our Scottish cheese board, Lanark Blue and homemade sweet oatcakes marry well together with the bitterness of the cheese contrasting with the sweetness of the oatcake.
Linsey Scott is Head Chef at the Mill One Restaurant in the New Lanark Mill Hotel