Where to celebrate Oktoberfest in Scotland

Where to celebrate Oktoberfest in Scotland

Events marking the German beer festival on these shores include OktoberWEST and Cocktoberfest

No longer is Oktoberfest something you have to head for Germany to experience. This year, Scotland has gone especially Oktoberfest-mad. The biggest event, simply called Oktoberfest, starts off with a hop-soaked five days in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh (Wed 9–Sun 13 Oct) with so much beer, food and music that, ja mein lieber, it's just like being in Munich.

Entry is free on the Wednesday, so start convincing your boss now that it's worth taking the afternoon off. Every night is a Schlager party, excellent for reliving Eurovision hits from the 90s while you eye up the lederhosen and giant beer glasses in full faux-German campery. Sunday is a family day, complete with bratwurst-centred lunch options.

On Thu 17 Oct the party moves to Glasgow Green for eight more days of revelry. The tunes are courtesy of Bayern Stürmer and the Obenheimer Express Band, flown in from southern Germany and promising to have you dancing on the tables to hits like 'Zikke Zakke' and 'Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit' (no, me neither).

Slightly more subdued is OktoberWEST (WEST Brewery, Glasgow, Fri), a weekly extravaganza during the month of food, music and, obviously, beer, offering plenty of Bavarian jollity. The brewery still produces all of its lagers and wheat beers in accordance with the German Purity Law of 1516, so you can count on the drinks for authenticity.

And if you love the idea of Oktoberfest but, in practice, you're more into ripped abs and martinis, then as luck would have it, Cocktober Fest has you in mind. The Cocktail Queen hosts a touring ladies' night throughout October, visiting Edinburgh, Livingston, Blackburn and Airdrie with drag queens, 'buff butlers' and cocktails. See the event website for details of what you can expect when the party hits town.

Cocktober Fest

Cocktober Fest hits the road! The Cocktail Queen presents a series of ladies' nights to set October off with a bang, featuring drag queens and 'buff butlers' (ripped abs or shoe shiners? – not entirely sure) to spice up the boring old dance floor and cocktails aspect.

Edinburgh & Glasgow Oktoberfest

Party like you're in Bavaria, minus the plane fare. Drink the beer, eat the bratwurst, wear the lederhosen and party the night away, stein in hand.


Running since 2006, this year's Oktoberfest celebration at the brewery promises to be bigger and better than ever. Food, music, beer! Booking is essential.