Cocktail recipe: A not so Kir Royale

Cocktail recipe: A not so Kir Royale

credit: Rob McBryde

Use up leftover red wine by adding Chambord for a budget cocktail in the southern French style

OK, so you probably don’t find yourself with a little leftover red wine too often, but if there is a rogue glass lurking at the bottom of a bottle, the best way to put it to good use is by adding a shot of Chambord. This is the famous liqueur that started our love affair with the French Martini and you won’t be surprised to find out that in Southern France they add Chambord to their red wine: it’s their answer to a Kir Royale. We can’t all just trot off to France, but you can bring a little Gallic charm to your kitchen with this delicious drink.


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