5 reasons to go to ... John Lamond’s Whisky Trail Course

5 Reasons to go to ...John Lamond’s Whisky Trail Course

1 Learn some production facts

We are home to some of the finest bottles of it, it’s ingrained in Scottish culture and it’s our visitors’ go-to souvenir of choice. Yet how much do most of us really know about what goes into whisky production? This course provides a great opportunity to really educate yourself about Scotland’s national drink (no, not Irn Bru. Pay attention).

2 It’s the economy, stupid

Whisky is a nice wee money maker for us Scots, generating billions of pounds into the economy each year. With the 2014 referendum presenting the possibility of Scotland going it alone, such things are good to know.

3 Launch a new career

You would be forgiven for writing off whisky as an older person‘s tipple, but World Whisky Day was founded last year by 22-year-old Aberdeen University student Blair Bowman, who has since been hailed as one of Scotland’s top young entrepreneurs.

4 Achieve pub know-it-all supremacy

Lamond offers both advanced and beginners classes, so whether you have had many a dram in your time or know nothing about whisky (but are curious) then there’s something for you.

5 Have a wee dram (or 30)

You get to taste 30 different kinds of whisky. Enough said.

The Good Spirits Co, Glasgow, starts Mon 16 Sep. £80 for a beginners’ eight-week course, see johnlamond.com for info.

John Lamond's Scotch Whisky Trail Courses

Go beyond the traditional tasting to learn about production, maturation and marketing of the gold stuff, with whisky writer John Lamond. There's a Beginner class on Monday evenings, while those who have tried a few more tipples can take the Advanced class on Thursdays.