Why Mey Selections is a royal trading brand for quality produce

  • The Larder
  • 2 July 2013
Right Royal Produce

Mey Selections: a trading brand promoting closing the gap between farmers, producers and consumers

Mey Selections was established as the trading brand of the North Highland Initiative (NHI), launched by The Duke of Rothesay, in 2005. One of the key aims of the Initiative is to foster closer connections between farmers, producers and consumers.

Around £80m of North Highland beef and lamb has been sold through Sainsbury’s since 2005, returning in excess of £1m of premium payments to farmers. In addition, NHI has recently secured an agreement with Campbells Prime Meats, one of Scotland’s leading suppliers, to list the Mey Selections brand as one of a premium range of products for the restaurant and hospitality sector.

This will see a significant expansion of the brand and range of products, with the Mey Selections brand offering a stamp of quality based on provenance.