Caorunn Gin is a small batch, handcrafted gin infused in Celtic botanicals

  • The Larder
  • 2 July 2013
On The Rocks

A smooth gin made in a 19th century whisky distillery in Scotland

‘None of the single malt whisky I’ve made since production started again in March 1998 is bottled yet,’ explains Simon Buley, gin master at the Caorunn still, based at the early 19th-century Balmenach whisky distillery. ‘I was making a product for people to enjoy but nobody was enjoying it, which is kind of frustrating. Then we had the gin idea – there’s no ageing process so we can make it today and sell it tomorrow.’

They use a Copper Berry chamber designed in the 1920s to extract base oil from perfume. ‘There’re only three in existence and we own two of them. It’s a slow process, and the only way the vapour can get out of the chamber is by passing through each of four botanical trays. So we’re getting the best pickup of flavours we can for a much smoother gin.’

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