Chef's choice: Robin Baird on local farmers

  • The Larder
  • 2 July 2013
Chef's choice: Robin Baird on local farmers

Gadie's Restaurant director shares her passion for local farm food

My real passion is being able to serve food from farm to table, and much of our success here is on the back of the farmers who supply the restaurant. If you don’t eat what’s on our doorstep you’re really missing out.

Carole and William Ingram of Logie Durno Farm don’t generally sell to the restaurant trade, so we’re the only folk with their lamb on our menu. I can see the lambs in the field, I know what they’ve eaten and I’ve got a butcher (Graham and Annie Collie at Kemnay) I can really trust. You have to find a butcher who shares the same ethos, but when you do they become an integral part of the whole food chain around you.

Mark Strachan rears pigs at West Balquhain, another farm within walking distance of us here. I know that if I put Mark’s pork on a Sunday lunch it’ll sell out in 45 minutes. On our menu we’ve got West Balquhain pork and Stornoway black pudding sausage roll with our own tomato chutney and handcut Newbiggin fries.

Aberdeenshire might be a rough and ready place but I really believe it’s the breadbasket of Scotland.

Robin Baird is a director of Gadie’s Restaurant, Oyne