Chef's choice: Lesley Duff on ice-cream from Simpsons of Buckie

  • The Larder
  • 2 July 2013
Chef's choice: Lesley Duff on ice-cream from Simpson’s of Buckie

Scottish chef on her favorite ice-cream shop in Aberdeenshire

It’s because of Simpsons of Buckie that Aunty Betty’s even exists. I used to run a café next door to our current shop and ice-cream was always one of our biggest sellers. But it was only when we switched to Moira and Dougall’s creations that I decided to sell the café and specialise. Although they supplied the area’s high-end restaurants, we were the first ice-cream shop to stock it. In the ice-cream wars – and it is a war at times – Simpson’s are head and shoulders above the rest. From the salted caramel to the champagne sorbet (a popular one for weddings), the quality is fantastic. They don’t use any hydrogenated fats or oils – just dairy – and it shows. It might be twice the price of most ice-creams, but then most ice-creams don’t taste half as good.

Lesley Duff owns Aunty Betty’s, Stonehaven