The Scottish farm shops and vegetable box schemes of Aberdeenshire

Good Food Miles

As well as producing great quality local food, a growing band of producers will even deliver their harvest direct to your door

Hand in hand with the demand for meat and farm produce in Aberdeenshire, the rise of farm shops in the area gives a healthy food delivery scene, be it for fresh meat to your door or vegetable bags and boxes made up to the customer’s specification. In each area the market’s thriving, say those involved, with suppliers like Vital Veg, Lembas Organics and Bridgefoot Organics delivering fruit and vegetables, and The Store, Caledonian Bison and Aberdeen Angus Direct offering freshly butchered meat.

Tara McCabe – co-owner of the Bridgefoot Organics co-operative, having just taken over the farm and delivery service from her former employer, who delivered for more than twenty years – reports a growing demand in their surrounding area just north of Aberdeen, with around four hundred boxes sent out and an average of eight new customers a week. ‘We have two types of customer,’ she says. ‘There’s either the one who thinks organic food is good, it’s healthier and maybe they should try it, but they’re not really sure what it’s about and perhaps they expect the same sort of produce as the supermarket, the perfect looking vegetable. The other type, who know exactly what it’s about from the start, they’re the ones who become our regular customers.

‘Lots of people are getting into organics up here. When the recession hit we expected it to make a huge difference, although it really didn’t at all.’ She talks of offering variety, with the farm producing a range of seasonal vegetables and their boxes being topped up with fruit, milk and mushrooms from other local organic suppliers.

‘Our market research tells us we’re still coming out at better value than supermarkets’ organic ranges,’ she says, ‘and also, what goes into our boxes gives people more choice than supermarkets will. I suppose they’re competition to a certain extent, but not to the people who really get the organic side of things, they don’t want the supermarket packaging anyway, they would rather get their stuff from local producers in the area.’

A Vital Veg
North Tillydaff, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, AB51 7LS
Vital Veg offers an organic vegetable box scheme, delivered weekly to your door. It is deeply passionate about homegrown produce, so much so that it also offers vegetable starter plants to get you up-and-running with your very own vegetable patch. All…
B Lembas Organics
Lorieneen, Bridge of Muchalls, Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, AB39 3RU
Lembas have been growing and distributing organic vegetables since 1980 and in addition to supplying wholesale they operate an organic box delivery scheme. A selection of organic vegetable and fruit boxes are available and you can also add additional…
C Caledonian Bison Ltd
Craigview Muchalls, Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, AB39 3RQ
Caledonian Bison Ltd. was established in 2005, and the first breed stock of American Plains Bison moved on farm in late 2006. The herd has expanded from 12 to over 50 animals since then, and Caledonian Bison also conduct research into many areas of…
D Bridgefoot Organics
Bridgefoot, Newmachar, Aberdeenshire, AB21 7PE
Certified organic since 1991, Bridgefoot offers an organic vegetable box home delivery scheme. Boxes are delivered Wednesday to Friday depending on your address. The boxes range from small to extra large and contain a variety of vegetables selected…
E The Store Company
Foveran, Newburgh, Ellon, Aberdeenshire, AB41 6AY
A prominent and active local farm shop for the last decade, The Store is located on the Booth family farm where grass-fed lamb and Aberdeen Angus beef are reared in small numbers. The well-stocked meat counter includes sausages and freshly made…