The Henderson’s 50/50 Food Festival puts an emphasis on family-friendly good food

The Henderson’s 50/50 Food Festival puts an emphasis on family-friendly good food

The vegetarian restaurant celebrates good, healthy eating in this 50-day food extravaganza

Information on healthy living comes at us from all quarters today, but when these two cuties were growing up there was only one person they needed to look to for advice – their mum.

For Oliver and Catherine Henderson, having food pioneer Janet Henderson to cook for them meant years of tasty meals made with fresh, seasonal, local ingredients. Happily, since 1953, the people of Edinburgh have had access to much the same, via Henderson’s farm shop and vegetarian restaurant on Hanover Street.

In celebration of its late founder’s achievements, the Henderson’s 50/50 festival will feature 50 days of food-related fun, including a free Family Day and barbecue.

‘Henderson’s is a family firm that’s still run by two of Janet’s children, and one of her grandchildren will take it into the third generation,’ explains festival director, Simon Preston. ‘You can step inside the restaurant on any given day and find families, older people and students in there – it’s always been a place for everyone. So when we were planning the festival we knew we had to have a nice family day where we could get kids in and enjoying fun foody activities.’

Run in conjunction with Edinburgh Community Food, the event will feature a food art table, bicycle powered smoothie maker, and the chance to make ‘Fearsome Fruit Monsters’ and vegetable kebabs, before grabbing a kiwi and spoon for the ‘Great Kiwi Race’.

What they won’t be doing is lecturing families on eating healthily, because as Preston says, ‘the food speaks for itself, so you don’t have to work too hard to hammer the point home – you can allow people to make their own discovery. And the easiest way to enjoy eating healthily is to have fun.’

St John’s Church, Edinburgh, Monday 27 May.

Henderson's 50/50 Food Festival

Henderson's celebrates 50 years of their healthy veggie eats. In addition to barbecues, exhibitions, vegetarian speed dining, bonfires and live music, the 50-day fete hosts a couple of fancy dress food parties: 'Back to '63', with 60s inspired food and fashion, and 'Henderson's Goes to Hawaii', with – you guessed it…

Fifty Years Young: Family Day and Barbecue

Get the whole family out for this veggie BBQ, complete with kebabs and kids' activities. There's also a bicycle-powered smoothie maker on hand, which right there is reason enough to attend. Of course, it's all free, so there's that, too.