Edinburgh's City Cafe introduces 7lb burger challenge

Edinburgh's City Cafe introduces 7lb burger challenge

The mega-sandwich will cost you £30, unless you can finish it in 45 minutes

Edinburgh bar The City Café has launched its burger eating challenge. Jay Thundercliffe watched through the cracks in his fingers

The City Café has delved deeper into its 1950s Americana and come up with a food challenge that would floor most, but undoubtedly not all, of our supersized cousins across the pond. Their Ultimate Burger Challenge offers up Edinburgh's biggest burger, at approximately 7lb/3.2kg, to all who are willing to either part with £30 or achieve the glory of completion within 45 minutes and walk out with wallet intact, head held high and stomach way down low. It's no easy feat. The burger bun, a specially made oversized bap (think 7-inch vinyl single) by the Breadwinner Bakery, sandwiches a menu's worth of fillings: three beefburgers, two chicken breasts, two beanburgers, plus bacon, cheeses, guacamole, gherkins and a bit of token salad. It's an arresting sight, and it's decent quality food with the kitchen having kept things in manageably normal-sized pieces -- just lots of them. Those who down the beast also get a t-shirt, certificate and a photo of their pained faces on the wall.

The Ultimate Burger Challenge is available at the City Café throughout 2013. Entrants must be over 18. Booking recommended but not essential for tables of one or two. 

The City Café

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American-style bar and diner with a pool table, good quality burgers and one of the city's best pre-club atmospheres.