Halloween pumpkin gallery

We asked some local creative types to carve up some Halloween pumpkins - here are the results

Sophie Cooke Writer and journalist
We think Sophie may have been watching Village of the Damned before she started on this work of art. We're still having nightmares.

Lari Don Children's author
Lari was inspired by a character in her latest book, Maze Running and other Magical Missions, for her creation. Out now, Floris Books.

Andy Corelli Theatre director
Holy Halloween! Andy took time out from rehearsals of his latest play, Farmhouse, to create this minimalist piece of pumpkin art.

Ziggy Campbell FOUND
We wouldn't expect anything less from a member of FOUND, whose last album mused on the meeting of technology and nature.

Zoe King Lyceum Stage Manager
The Lyceum's next production, an imaginative version of A Midsummer Night's Dream, was the starting point for Zoe's fairytale squash.

Thanks to Earthy Foods & Goods for supplying a colourful array of pumpkins. These carved versions are now on display at their branch at 33–41 Ratcliffe Terrace, Edinburgh.