David Bradley on Arbroath smokies

  • The Larder
  • 11 July 2012
David Bradley on Arbroath smokies

The Angus Larder - Chef's Choice

David Bradley, head chef at the Harbourside Grill in Arbroath, talks about his town's most famous culinary export

When considering the ingredient I most enjoy working with, I can’t see past Arbroath smokies. I’m originally from Yorkshire and always supported the Whitby kipper, but I’ve been swayed by the freshness and quality of the smokies on my doorstep in Arbroath.

We offer diners to the Harbourside Grill a taste early on, as our bread board comes with a smokie pâté which everyone devours. We use the fish in all the classics – cullen skink, kedgeree and fish cakes. At a recent tapas evening we offered Arbroath smokie croquettas, which were well received and proved what a versatile ingredient it is.

Everyone in this town has their preferred smoker, but in my opinion they all have the experience and commitment to quality that ensure great smokies.

David Bradley is head chef at the Harbourside Grill in Arbroath.

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