Christopher Trotter on Kale

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  • 21 June 2012

The Fife Larder - Chef's Choice

Chef and food writer Christopher Trotter tells us about kale, an undervalued vegetable of many colours and varieties, and calls for a sea kale entrepreneur to step up

I rediscovered kale when I returned to Fife some 20 years ago and feel it needs to be better recognised. It's available in most forms here: the ubiquitous curly, asparagus, red and the rich sounding cousin cavolo nero (which is, of course, simply black kale to you and me).

It’s a year-round vegetable – I stir fry it cooking the stalks first and then throw in the colourful, crunchy shredded leaves at the end, as they take no time to cook.

One variety not grown commercially in Fife is sea kale, although it is possible to find it growing wild. It’s cultivated successfully in Angus. It is high time an innovative Fife farmer stepped up to the mark and provided us with this wonderful vegetable in February!

Chef, writer and consultant Christopher Trotter is co-author of The Whole Hog (2010).

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