Craig Millar on Kellie Castle Gardens

  • The Larder
  • 21 June 2012

The Fife Larder - Chef's Choice

Craig Millar, head chef and owner of Craig Millar @ 16 West End in Fife, tells us why he wishes he'd found the organic produce being grown in the National Trust of Scotland's Kellie Castle earlier

Last year I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the gardening team at Kellie Castle who were looking for an outlet for some of their organic produce. In the past I was never a great believer in the whole organic thing, thinking it to be an opportunity for the supplier to add on a few quid. Having now used the produce myself I can dispel that myth.

Embarrassingly this has all been happening within yards of my home and it has taken me 14 years to visit. I now pop in on my way to the restaurant and walk round with the gardeners harvesting as we go anything from leeks to rainbow chard, chillis, herbs and apples from their orchard. They also grow things exclusively for the restaurant.

Craig Millar is head chef and proprietor of Craig Millar @ 16 West End in St Monans.

Craig Millar @ 16 West End

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