Newburgh Orchard Group celebrates ten years of fruit tree preservation

Grafting workshop at Newburgh Community Orchard

Unique local trees keep links to ancient traditions alive

The Newburgh Orchard Group celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2012. Founded by local people, it aims to preserve and develop the Newburgh orchards, and to research and keep alive the links to their twelfth century monastic origins.

To this end, grafting and budding workshops were started in 2011, and now run throughout the year for their heritage apple, plum and pear trees. All but the February classes are held in the Community Orchard, and teach locals how best to propagate the wide range of historic fruit varieties, some of which are exceedingly rare – even, in the case of the Lindorsii pear, unique to Newburgh.

Attendees can typically take two or three self-grafted trees home, to help the rarer branches of Newburgh’s orchards flourish for another 800 years.

Upcoming workshops are announced on the Newburgh Orchard Group website,, and on the Fife Fruit Forum's Facebook page.

Pruning young apple trees

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