Taste test: Truffles

  • The List
  • 13 December 2011
Truffle taste test

Clockwise from top right: Waitrose, Peckham’s, Thorntons, Coffee, Chocolate and Tea, The Gourmet Selection

The best truffles from Waitrose, Peckham’s, Thorntons and more

Seriously Chocolatey Truffles, Waitrose ●●●
We like the creamy texture of these truffles from Waitrose, but sadly the taste doesn’t quite live up to the name. The flavour fails to pack a punch, though they are quite boozy – perhaps even a little too much so for some.

Peckham’s Oban Truffles ●●●
These truffles didn’t last long at List HQ – there’s something in this selection for everyone, from white chocolate and raspberry to something slightly spicier. Watch out if you like your treats to be sweet though – those spicy truffles aren’t to everyone’s taste.

Thorntons Truffles ●●●●
The rich, dark flavour, a fudgey consistency and a cocoa coating make these truffles from Thornton’s a winner on taste and texture, and gained them all-round approval from our taste team.

Coffee, Chocolate and Tea Truffles ●●●
There’s real variety in this well presented box of chocolates, with some unusual touches – the white chocolate truffles contain a lemon jelly. Sadly, looks aren’t everything, and the flavours are something of a let-down in comparison to the pretty packaging.

The Gourmet Selection Truffles ●●
Can a Christmas chocolate be too boozy? It seems it can – and in this case lacking in taste to boot. The selection doesn’t promise a lot, with the banoffee truffle particularly underwhelming. If you’re sharing a box with friends, make sure you nab the one with ginger.