Taste test: Mince pies

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  • 13 December 2011
Taste test: Mince pies

Clockwise from top left: Peckhams, Tesco, Bradfords, Vanilla Blacks, Marks And Spencer

The best mince pies evaluated from Peckhams, Tesco, Marks And Spencer and more

Peckhams Mince Pies ●●●●
Fluffy pastry and a top-notch mincemeat filling make this a tasty treat from one of Scotland’s best deli staples. Sure, the pastry may seem heavy to some, but it is Christmas, so why not indulge yourself?

Tesco Mince Pies ●●
The festive cheer is a little low here with a pie that offers up rather dry pastry and somewhat flavourless mincemeat. That said, it’s far from a total disaster.

Bradfords Mince Pies ●●●
There’s something reassuringly ‘home-made’-looking about this little culinary parcel. The flaky pastry, looks like something your Nan might bake, while the mincemeat is tangy and full of flavour. A perfectly decent addition to your day.

Vanilla Blacks Mince Pies ●●●
With their sweet, orangey filling Vanilla Black’s Mince Pies feel a little different to the norm, and they get brownie points alone for that, even if the pastry may be a little too cake-textured for your more hardcore pie fan.

Marks And Spencer’s Mince Pies (Gluten Free) ●
Not just any mince pie, but a Markies mince pie, I hear you squeal. Alas, tough and chewy pastry does little to impress here, while an easily forgettable filling leaves little to write home about.