Keeping it in house: The best takeaway and home delivery in Glasgow and Edinburgh

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  • 15 March 2011
Keeping it in house: The best takeaway and home delivery options in Glasgow and Edinburgh

We are looking for top tips and recommendations from your area

We at The List are looking out for your top tips and recommendations on takeaway and home delivery options in Glasgow and Edinburgh for a special feature for both the magazine and online on 25 May. Let us know your top local tips for take-out Indian, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, fish and chips, pizza - or anything more exotic (or homely, for that matter).

We're relying on your knowledge of the wide variety of home delivery and takeaway options available in your city gained from years of research and experience. It might be something reliable for a Friday night in, or something a bit out of the ordinary, or on a larger scale, for a particular special occasion. Perhaps the take-away of delivery comes with bonus dish, or is delivered free.

Let us know via the comments section of this page, or via email to or via Facebook and Twitter.


1. Susy41215 Mar 2011, 12:08pm Report

Recently in both Edinburgh & Glasgow I have sampled two great Indian takeaways.

Firstly, in Edinburgh, The New Masala Pot which is situated at Parsons Green Terrace, I was recommended to try this place from a friend. I tried to order through JustEat to which I found 'they didn't deliver to my postcode' in EH6. I rang them up and they were more than happy to. Our meal arrived within a reasonable time, around 30 minutes. Both main dishes we're packed full of succulent meat and our naan breads were huge, fluffy and extremely tasty. Over all it was 5/5 for speed of delivery, cost and the food.

A few weeks ago in Glasgow, we again used JustEat to source a local Indian takeaway. And up popped Tasty Bite which is in the G31 area of Glasgow.
Our order wasn't the cheapest I've paid but it sure was worth it. Our large chicken pakora, usually I expect around 8 pieces, was bursting out of the box (in a good way), we had around 8 pieces each. It came with an edible salad, something that is usually lacking in takeaways, and a good size tub of 'pakora sauce', we were also able to order 2 extra tubs of chilli sauce for a very reasonable 50p each. Again our naan breads we're huge, fluffy and still warm on arrival. Our dishes we're tasty with a decent amount of meat in each, this is somewhere I would recommend to others.

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3. Sara J5 Apr 2011, 6:47pm Report

My top three favourite places in Edinburgh are

1. La Favorita- Amazing thin and delicous pizza and rustic pasta, good value and they always delivery in 30 mins or less.

2.East India-Just up the road from La Favorita on Brunswick Street.
Incredible variety of dishes,always very fresh and tasty.The Paratha is the best in Edinburgh!

3.Spice Box- Mouth watering Thai food that's so refreshing and flavoursome.
Not for the faint hearted though as even their mild is spicy.

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