Art installation at Ubiquitous Chip restaurant offers '3D dining'

Art installation at Ubiquitous Chip restaurant offers '3D dining'

Ingr3dients at Glasgow restaurant unveils Alasdair Gray’s first digital mural

The Ubiquitous Chip likes to see itself at the centre of the cultural life of Glasgow’s West End. So no surprise that it has come up with something unusual to celebrate its birthday.

Famously, Alasdair Gray painted his original murals on the walls of Ashton Lane’s Ubiquitous Chip restaurant in the 1970s in exchange for free meals. He’s back to help the restaurant to celebrate its 40th birthday, but in a way that even the fertile imagination of the 76-year-old author/artist/ playright might not have dreamed up in the days of flares and miners’ strikes. On weekday nights in March, diners will experience an interactive art installation taking place around them as proprietor-chef Colin Clydesdale produces a typically inventive four-course meal. The event sees the unveiling of Gray’s first digital mural, while digital artist Debs Norton will co-ordinate various 3D effects including a virtual seabed with shellfish, a flock of wood pigeons flying overhead and a Highland cow ambling into the middle of the courtyard. It will surprise no-one that Clydesdale’s menu features queen scallops, Perthshire game bird terrine and glazed shin of beef. ‘Ingr3dients includes many of the things for which The Chip is celebrated: visual art, locally sourced Scottish food and a focus on the whole dining experience,’ explains Clydesdale, son of Ronnie, who founded the restaurant but died in 2010. ‘It is ambitious. We can’t wait to see the reaction.’

Ingr3dients at The Ubiquitous Chip takes place Mon–Thu between 8 and 31 March at 7pm, priced £49.50 per person.


The Ubiquitous Chip presents a brand new Alasdair Gray mural as part of the world's first 3D interactive sensory dining experience. Guests will enter over an interactive seabed and experience a flock of wood pigeons flying overhead during their meal. Other 3D spectacles will cameo during the rest of the evening as Gray's…

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