Tropeiro - Restaurant review

Tropeiro - Restaurant review

Glasgow city centre welcomes a Brazilian-themed chain offering a sunny attitude, piles of meat and controversial red cards. Andrea Pearson reports.

If you despair at the thought of summer vanishing without having cracked open a bag of charcoal, don’t. Glasgow’s latest concept diner, Tropeiro, has arrived to cheer us up with an all-you-can-eat-in-your-seat barbecue buffet. Thanks to a traffic-light card system – green for more please; red for I am full – great hunks of hot, sizzling meat keep arriving at the table on giant skewers. There are ten cuts of pork, beef, lamb and chicken – but it is wise to choose carefully as they are variable. Tender and rare beef contrasts with unforgiving pork ribs, and sausage and chicken pieces grabbed enthusiastically at the start mean a crisp and juicy lamb joint is sadly red-carded later. To accompany there are salads, olives, chillies, peppers, rice, potatoes and even more meat in the form of Feijoada, a tasty pork and black bean stew. The only Brazilian pudding is a pleasant if sweet passion fruit mousse but the highlight is the Caipirinha, a Brazilian cane rum and lime cocktail, which makes you forget the grey skies in two slurps.

+ Caipirinha
- Peaking too early

363 Argyle Street, city centre, 0141 222 2102
Mon–Fri noon–3pm, 5.30pm–10.30pm; Sat noon–10.30pm; Sun 1–10pm
Ave. price two-course meal: £9.95 (set lunch) / £21.50 (set dinner)

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