Ooud Kitchen brings flavours of Palestine to Edinburgh

Ooud Kitchen brings flavours of Palestine to Edinburgh

More than just the décor, the exotic cuisine or the authenticity of the food, it’s the attitude of Ooud Kitchen that is really to be admired. Jo Laidlaw visits the Bruntsfield restaurant

Inspired by owner Mohammed Aboleyah’s Palestinian roots and the culture and food of the Levant, Ooud Kitchen has the potential to be brilliant. The food is simple, authentic and delicious: think flatbreads (safeea) spread with grilled vegetable salsa and loaded with toppings like confit chicken; or generous mezze with lamb kofta, home-made hummus, and nothing short of sensational falafel. Much, including the flatbread, is made on the premises, and the care and attention shows. Flashes of fusion help the menu feel current and fun – like a scattering of jalepeño peppers, contrasting with ultra-traditional ingredients like za’atar (a thyme and sesame seed seasoning). It’s resolutely unlicensed, but with a sophisticated range of teas, Artisan Roast coffee and some lovely baklava pastries, the neat, simple premises works as a pleasant local café. There’s a takeaway next door offering the same style of food in more finger-friendly wraps, plus plans to move into home-delivery at some point. Sure, there is work to be done around the speed of service and adapting the food to the demands of the lunchtime rush, but all in, Ooud is good and definitely deserves to make its mark.

+ The fantastic food
– Need to speed up the service


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