Booze-free, bus-free, bottle-free green living

Booze-free, bus-free, bottle-free green living

The Editor's green blog

Going green is a process in stages. I am currently still just starting out in my efforts to be a more planet-conscious human, though my first steps are significant ones.

The most significant of which are the steps I now take to my work instead of catching the bus. The walk takes the same time as the bus journey and (according to my nifty CO2 tracker iPhone app) is saving the emission of 100g of carbon dioxide every walk. Admittedly this is a tiny, squeaking carbon fart, but at least it's making me feel like I'm doing something.

As well as public transport, I've also given up alcohol. A step too far down the puritanical route I hear your cry! And you'd probably be right. Also, I can only draw a spurious association between greener living and not boozing. It's hard to feel guilt about drinking when there are a fair few good options for wholesome, organic, carbon neutral beers and wines available. Try the ever useful Guardian eco store ( for some options.

Giving up alcohol (only for a month by the way, I'm not that serious) has made me think that I'd better do something about the very long rows of empty wine bottles lined up on my kitchen floor. I'm onto Edinburgh council's website to order myself one of their blue recycling boxes. I can fill it with glass (along with other things) and it might, if I'm lucky, be picked up from the street outside my flat. Their website seemed to crash and the end of the ordering process, so it remains to see whether my little blue beauty will appear. Fingers crossed.