Reasons why Edinburgh is resplendent (and Glasgow is radge)

  • 17 March 2010
Reasons why Edinburgh is resplendent (and Glasgow is radge)

So, Edinburgh's better than Glasgow, right? Better arts venues, better eating & drinking, better architecture, more civilised residents. Why would you ever want to get on the train to Queen Street?

We want to hear your reasons why Edinburgh is miles ahead of its bigger neighbour. Remember, Glasgow will have its own arguments for why it's better than Edinburgh, so don't pull any punches. The gloves are off.

Why do you love Edinburgh? Add your reasons to the comment thread below. The best ones will be featured in the Glasgow vs Edinburgh issue of The List, coming out on 31 March. The very best reason will win a whole heap of free Edinburgh good stuff, including tickets to The Cherry Orchard at the Royal Lyceum, dinner for two at Edinburgh's much loved L'escargot Bleu or L'escargot Blanc and £20 worth of gift vouchers for institution The Elephant House.

Get commenting.


1. Benji17 Mar 2010, 11:36am Report

You can actually wait for a taxi past 1am in Edinburgh without having to avoid glass bottles and other missiles whistling past your head at a hundred miles an hour (yes I'm looking at you Central Station).

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8. Sorcha Fierce17 Mar 2010, 5:12pm Report

I'm interested that, as ever when this topic comes up, the comments on the Glasgow thread are a lot more fair-minded, and frankly, there's a bit less class-based snobbery than there is over here. I'm sure a bit of healthy inter-city rivalry is a great thing, but this argument tends all too often to denigrate into ugly upper middle-class sneering about working class people, and looks to be going that way again.

Well done Anna S for being the lone voice of reason.

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10. Stonesthrower17 Mar 2010, 11:17pm Report

Can Sorcha Fierce please offer us all examples of these so called "fair-minded" comments coming from Glaswegians?

I am an Edinburger who has lived in Glasgow for four years so feel qualified to comment on both. I agree to an extent that this topic is fairly unconstructive, but also strongly agree with Parish's views on how Glaswegians view themselves. For some reason they feel compelled to constantly big themselves up about almost anything. Most of all, for some reason (a one drunken perhaps?) they think that they are the friendliest people on this planet. Now I've lived in 3 continents now and I can tell you that just because you get pissed up, chat inane rubbish and throw in the word "big man", it doesn't make you friendly.

Glasgow has some good scenes, most probably better bars, clubs and shopping. But when you look at the bigger picture and if you are striving for a better quality of life then Edinburgh is the place to be if you want to live in Scotland. The internet is the best place for shopping anyway.

Edinburgh- Fur coat and nae knickers.

Glasgow- Fur knickers and sh*t houses.

"there's a bit less class-based snobbery than there is over here"

Really? So you're not all inverted snobs and working class heroes?

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12. Stonesthrower18 Mar 2010, 12:44am Report

"As for the the last 40 years of planning and development including the waterfront its slumdog ville."

And what sets new developments in Glasgow apart from the new developments in Edinburgh? None are particularly inspiring in my book. I think Scotland should be looking to cities like Barcelona and Valencia for a way to move our buildings into the 21st century.

"Glasgow has many great sides especially its friendly people not so much Edinburgh."

Please please please, tell me what it is that makes Glasgow people so friendly. What do they do or say that makes them so warm and jovial. I know quite a few foriegners and none of them have noticed this mystical friendliness which is apparently on offer in Glasgow! Seriously,,,I am laughing.

13. Tina M18 Mar 2010, 5:01pm Report

I currently live in Glasgow but have lived in Edinburgh for 12 years.
My favourite things are:
Leith (warts and all), The Citrus Club, Evol at the Liquid rooms, the Cameo, Filmhouse, the Fringe, Boda, Sofi’s, and Victoria, Urban Angel, the bus service, North Edinburgh Arts Centre, City Cafe, cobbled streets, the Pond, the Castle, Portobello beach, the people and I also love the fact that nothing is too far away in Edinburgh, everything is 20mins away!

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