Food culture: What to expect in 2010

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  • 7 January 2010
Food culture: What to expect in 2010

At the dawn of 2010, here are five trends we suggest will be muscling their way into our culinary consciousness over the next year.

The new vegetarianism

Nigel Slater Tender and Simon Hopkinson The Vegetarian Option made the Christmas bestseller lists with books giving much more respect to vegetables. It’s not about going completely veggie, but eating less meat, of better quality.


As we eat more fruit and vegetables, we’re more interested in their provenance – and wild food offers a rugged glamour. Foraged food has begun to appear on restaurant menus, but there will be plenty more.

Sustainable fish

Customers are quite rightly asking questions about fish sourcing, and some chefs are prepared to try to do it properly.

Beer lists

The big brewers have been punting beer as a food-friendly drink for quite a while, but its the small local breweries with their distinctive ranges and whisky barrel aged beers who are offering a more intriguing choice of ales to suit food.


Given that you can now put together a very fine bag of Scottish produce in many delis, farm shops and farmers’ markets, and given Scotland’s splendid outdoors, a proper picnic can be the finest meal on earth.

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