Food For Thought: Ashley J Russell

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  • 16 October 2009
Food For Thought: Ashley J Russell

The actress now touring with Ben Elton's Queen musical 'We Will Rock You'

I was brought up with my mum always telling me ‘You don’t have to like it but you must always try it’, so thanks to her I enjoy a wide variety of foods. A typical day’s breakfast for me would be something quite healthy and filling like a poached egg on toast with fresh orange juice. My lunch would be something quite light but tasty – a favourite would be some pitta bread with humous or alternatively chicken and rocket salad followed by a selection of fresh fruit.

Dinner just depends on my mood and what time I get off stage! It would either be fish, pasta or chicken – who knows? At the moment I am going through a sushi phase. I find the textures and the tastes are truly magnificent and I love the different varieties now available in supermarkets. While I try to keep to a healthy diet I am not averse to the odd treat and find it hard to resist some of the old Scottish favourites like mince and tatties, steak pie and the fabulous square sausage on a roll.

We Will Rock You is at the Playhouse, Edinburgh, Wed 4 Nov–Sat 9 Jan.

We Will Rock You

A run through all your Queen favourites in this musical penned by Ben Elton and members of Queen.

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