Food For Thought: Rod Jones

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  • 2 October 2009
Food For Thought: Rod Jones

Idlewild guitarist and spokesman/curator for the Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival

Whether I’m touring or at home everything starts the same way, a breakfast of toast, a banana and coffee. In the studio and during rehearsals it gets a bit fraught as we’re a band who all love coffee but argue over how it should be made. Colin [Newton, our drummer] guards the plunger like some caffeine overlord to make it strong enough. Lunch when we’re rehearsing is pretty much whatever was in the fridge at home formed into a sandwich, eaten with yet another banana or the odd cereal bar, usually while you’re waiting for people to tune up or whatever.

On tour you find yourself relying on decent chain places like Pizza Express, only because you’ll know what you’re getting. We took our own catering a couple of times and that’s amazing, it takes the chore out of eating on the road. We had a policy of searching out great places to eat on our last tour — ending up at places like Abstract in Inverness — but that put a dent in the touring budget.

At home I’ve got about ten dinner time staples I rely on in a hurry like risotto, prawn pilaf, lamb kebabs, but when I’ve time I love to roast big hunks of meat. You’ve got to get your potatoes perfect and I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to gravy. I’m doing a bit of pot roasting of small birds at the moment too, its really simple stuff, just chuck it all in and let it go.

Music Like a Vitamin, featuring Rod Jones, Frightened Rabbit, Attic Lights and Norman Blake is at HMV Picture House, Edinburgh, Wed 21 Oct.

Music Like a Vitamin

A one-off line up of top-notch indie and alternative music to round off the Edinburgh branch of this year's SMHAFF, featuring Attic Lights, Rod Jones (guitarist with Idlewild), Frightened Rabbit, Norman Blake and Euros Childs. 'Part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival'.