Food for Thought: Cook School by Martin Wishart

Food for Thought: Cook School by Martin Wishart

I’m off to the cook school run by a Michelin-starred chef, so there’s no point in a big breakfast, is there? You do get to eat at a cook school, don’t you?

Arrive for a 9.30am start and there’s a pot of coffee on the table, thankfully. Halfway through the briefing Martin Wishart himself wanders in, looking relaxed. He answers a few questions and offers a few tips, but he’s got other fish to fry. Instead the lead tutors are two engaging chefs from Wishart’s kitchen, Ryan Blackburn and Kevin Ramsay. Mid-morning snack is going to be cheese souffle – just so long as we get the sauce, the egg beating, the folding, the quantities, the timing and the seasoning right. The souffle rises! It tastes great! Boy these guys are good.

Lunch sounds terrific: halibut in a saffron shellfish broth, the only drawback being that we’re cooking it. Tasting is encouraged as we go, but most of us are concentrating too hard to remember that. ‘Chef’ (the person hitherto known as Martin Wishart) is back to taste the results. The fish is nice and moist. The broth’s got some depth. Did I salt the fish the way I’d been shown? Bit too much lemon in there? Just as well dinner at the restaurant is getting the same scrutiny. And that it’s not me cooking.

A session at Martin Wishart’s Cook School is one of 40 ‘Perfect Experiences’ being promoted by VisitScotland as ways to encounter different aspects of Scotland in a unique and special way.

Cook School & Dining Room By Martin Wishart

14 Bonnington Road, Edinburgh, EH6 5JD

Martin Wishart's newly refurbished cook school is now open for weekend dining, with a four-course seasonal tasting menu prepared in front of you.

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