Food For Thought - Green MSP Patrick Harvie

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  • 23 July 2009
Food For Thought - Green MSP Patrick Harvie

As someone who stays in bed till the last possible minute each morning, too many of my breakfasts are missed, or consist of whatever I can grab on the way to the day's first meeting. This morning that means a Pret baguette and a black coffee from the station before I dash for the train to south Lanarkshire. I'm on my way to visit a group of protesters who've set up camp at the site of a proposed opencast coal mine. By the time I get there it's clear that they have a far tougher job of feeding themselves than I do, spoiled as I am by city centre choices. Their house specialty is vegan curries of course, and though I didn't have the chance to sample it I'm sure it beats any Glasgow takeaway hands down.

Lunch will have to wait till I get to Holyrood around 4pm. If Parliament was sitting this week I'd be missing the delights of the canteen there, where I often find myself sticking with soup and salad. But as we're in recess food tends to be fitted in around whatever I'm doing, and the train I get on has nothing to offer.

Later, after a drink in the Regent, I'm heading back to Glasgow and deciding whether to wait till I'm home and cook properly. There's some mutton waiting for me which will make a marvelous stew for dinner.

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